It wasn't that long ago that Australians had a love for Australia as a very unique country. We have a very rich culture that seems to have been overrun by overseas cultures. These days you're more likely to hear an American song on the radio than anything about the country we call home - Australia. We seem to have forgotten who we actually are on the world stage.

Our first podcast, Aussie Bush Tales, is purely dedicated to Australian literature within the public domain as we try to stimulate the patriotism of Australia within the Australian people once more. Who's with us?

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Rippling Water by Adam Lindsay Gordon 16 June, 2021 - A poem about the tides of life ... Read by Damian Rieck The Poem The maiden sat by the river side (The rippling water murmurs by), And sadly into the… Continue reading →

In Development

Bush Aussies
Set in the 1980s, an artist from Adelaide, with dreams of getting rich, inherits a house in the country. There’s only one catch – he must live in it for a year first.

An original audio drama.